Steve Grabbe has been on the local rock and country music scene since 1999.  Steve grew up with a musical family, in fact his parents have a band still to this day and his mom went into labor with him on stage, so he likes to brag that he has been on stage before he was born lol.  He plays guitar, bass, drums and sings.

Steve has been one of the original members since the band launched their debut at the Ugly Duck in Wooster, OH on Saturday 3/5/16.  We didn’t know what to expect, but when we packed the house on our first night out we knew we were on for a long journey with the band.  Steve went out the very next day and bought his dream drum set which he calls “Lola”.  It is a 8-piece Gretsch Cataline Maple Set surrounded by 10 cymbals, is he overcompensating for something with that many drums, cymbals and credit card debt?  The answer is YES!  Just ask his wife (Linda) lol.  Somehow Steve has been married to the same woman for the past 13+ years and they have a son David.

Linda still doesn’t know Steve is a drummer (hence the reason she is still around) lol.  They are hoping their son David will grow up to be a successful musician such as a guitar or bass player.  Steve’s dad was and still is a drummer and was his influence to start drumming.  His fears are goats, drum shields and click tracks.  Steve’s man crush / free pass is Chris Young.

Steve is originally from Wooster, OH.  Steve is also Chris’ younger and better looking brother, and YES HE IS IN THE BAND!!!!! LOL!

His influences are Max Weinberg, Ringo Starr, Neil Peart, Phil Collins, Rick Allen, Lars Ulrich, Buddy Rich, John Bonham and Peter Criss.